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1. If your product allows people to experience your value quickly and easily, growth becomes simple.

I see two reasons why:

1. Simple things attract people, while complex things scare them away.

We’re lazy by nature, we want the things we want easily and quickly. Most people don’t want to go through lengthy sales processes.High enterprise executives are used to it, but that doesn’t mean they want it to be like that.

There’s a lot they put…

When I took my first statistics class in college, around my third semester, I didn’t like it at all. Even though I was ok at it, I just didn’t put much effort into it.

The same happened to many of the other classes I took. …

I’m writing this because I’ve been seeing Leadpages’ YouTube and Facebook ads one after the other, multiple times a day, over the last weeks.

On YouTube, as an example, I was watching a video and it had 4 slots for ads. …

I’ve gone through dozens of websites and followed dozens of people. These are the free ones that I’ve found to be the most insightful and useful.

Yes, paid resources are better. Often because they’re well organized and structured.

That doesn’t mean that free resources are bad, it’s just they’re not…

Oscar Lora

Growth Marketing Nerd 🤓

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